Friday, July 1, 2011

Places in the river to trout fish

The best places in the river to fish are near the calm water. Look for rocks, trees, bends in the rover where the water is slower and calmer then the surrounding river. Trout like to swim in these natural hideouts, so make sure to work you trout flies through these area to bait the fish. So find a nice shady spot and enjoy the fishing.

When to use what trout fly

With trout flies you have to use the conditions at the river to pick which is the right fly. If the fish are feeding below the surface of the water then use a wet fly, one that is designed to sink. If you see the trout on coming to the river surface then use a dry fly to keep it floating on the surface. As for which trout fly to use? Use the fly that most resemble the bugs and insects at the river when your fishing. If after a while of using one fly does not yield results switch to a new fly and keep trying. Eventually you'll catch a nice river trout.

Fly fishing gear

If your fishing for river trout with flies you will need the right gear. A fly fishing rod and reel are a must. While in theory you can fly fish with other rods and reals the light weight of the flies makes it hard to cast. So swing by your favorite retailer and buy a good rod, reel and some trout flies. For the trout flies remember it is the trouts natural dinner, many flies are designed to catch the fisherman's wallet. Avoid the flash funny looking ones and stick to the basic trout flies that resemble bugs. Don't forget that in most state adults need a fishing license so pick that up while your getting your gear.